Thursday, 22 June 2017

Great Western Railway 'Speed To The West' Poster at Leamington Spa

Black and White photo of the Great Western Railway iconic poster 'Speed To The West' on display at Leamington Spa railway station
Photo: Charles Moorhen

An appealing and iconic Great Western Railway poster extolling the benefits of travelling with the GWR to Wales and the West of England, in the great days of steam; fixed on a wall above a staircase leading to platform 1 at Leamington Spa station.

Thousands of posters advertising the virtues of major railway companies of the time, and the destinations they were promoting, were printed and distributed to railway stations big and small throughout Britain's railway network.

Many notable artists such as, Terence Cuneo, Reginald Lander, Frank Mason and Claude Buckle and Jack Merriott and Frank Sherwin were involved in the production of railway posters that have now become very collectable.

An excellent source to view the beauty of these works of art is to visit  or click the artists' links above.

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