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Wellingborough Station Victorian Goods Shed

UK Railway History

Wellingborough Station Victorian Goods Shed on Platform 1

Railway Time Capsule At Wellingborough Railway Station

Amid the stark modernity that is becoming more glaringly obvious on Britain's railway stations today, it is somewhat heart-warming to see that not everything has completely vanished from an age that has past into history.And the former goods shed adjacent to platform one at Wellingborough station, on the former Midland Railway, is one such example.

Although in a small way it has been a target for vandals, the evidence for this in the two broken windows nearest the camera, the overall structure is in remarkably good condition for a Victorian station builing.

Wellingborough Station Goods Shed from Platform 1

But, what is even more remarkable is that the interior, (unfortunately blocked from public access), far from being stripped, looks much as it did during its working life.  The solid wooden-planked unloading platform is still there, as are the two small hand-operated cranes once used for unloading the open wagons that were commonplace for decades.

Wellingborough Goods Shed Interior Showing Platform and Crane


Wellingborough Goods Shed is a Grade II listed building

A few historical facts about Wellingborough station: 
  • The station was built by the Midland Railway in 1857.  It was known then as Wellingborough Midland Road.
  • The station and buildings were designed by C.H.Driver.
  • Wellingborough station once had a large locomotive depot with two roundhouses.
  • On the 2nd September 1898, the station was the scene of a serious rail accident when a luggage trolley ran off a platform into the path of a Manchester express train.  The crew and six passengers were killed and 65 people were injured.
  • The once-busy station originally had five platforms but only two now remain open to passengers.
  • In 2005 Wellingborough station was featured in the film 'Kinky Boots', but renamed temporarily as Northampton.

Another interesting artefact, a railway water tower from the Great Days of Steam, can also be seen here.

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