Saturday, 4 March 2017

EWS Class 66005 Locomotive at Wellingborough

Class 66 Locomotives at Night

Night photo of Diesel Locomotive Class 66005 in EWS livery waits for the all-clear on the freight line at Wellingborough station in 2016
EWS Class 66005         Photo: Charles Moorhen

 EWS Class 66005 Strikes A Colourful Pose

While carrying out some night photography at Wellingborough railway station - trying to record some of its interesting architecture, I happened to be at one point in the evening's activities at the northern end of the station taking the opportunity to photograph East Midlands Trains DMU Class 222002.

As I did so I noticed out of the corner of my eye diesel locomotive an EWS Class 66 locomotive slowly coming into the station heading north on the freight-only line.  

Knowing I had no chance of taking a night photo of a moving Class 66 locomotive using a long exposure, I was satisfied to simply jot down the number, pick up my tripod/camera and go back to taking night photos of the station when, lo and behold, DMU Class 222002 pulled out and there stood diesel locomotive Class 66005 - one of 455 in operation - in a perfect pose.

I hoped and prayed that it would not move before I had a chance to set up the camera again and hit the shutter button.

As well as the above I also captured one more train that night during my night photography session - East Midlands Trains Class 43066 paused before continuing on to London St. Pancras.

If you would like to see more photos from the Wellingborough railway station night photography session, please click here.

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