Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Class 450 108 Electric Multiple Unit At Brookwood Station

South West Trains Class 450 108 EMU stands in Brookwood railway station, Surrey, before continuing on to Waterloo station
Class 450 108 at Brookwood      Photo: Charles Moorhen

South West Trains Class 450 108 third-rail electric multiple unit, is seen at Brookwood station operating a stopping service to London Waterloo on the afternoon of Sunday the 29th June 2014.

Although it was a Sunday I saw a fair amount of EMU activity on the line - but no freight.  

It was my first trip to Brookwood station, although I passed through it many times as a boy in the 1950's behind a variety of steam locomotives on my way to Basingstoke.  

Apart from the absence of smoke-stained Southern Railway green paint, not to mention equally smoke-stained railway staff, it seemed as though it had hardly changed a bit.

Brookwood station features elsewhere on this blog under the title, Brookwood Cemetery Station and the London Necropolis Funeral Railway.  
The blog post makes for interesting reading if you are partial to a bit of unique railway history.

Variety of Trains at Basingstoke, 2013 Video - Includes Class 450 Footage

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