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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

London Midland Trains Class 350 350250 EMU at Wolverton

Trainspotting in the UK

Long exposure night photo of london midland trains class 350 250 waiting at wolverton station en route to london
Night Photo of Class 350 350250 Standing In Wolverton Station    Photo: Charles Moorhen

Strangely enough, this night photo of London Midland Trains Class 350 250 standing in Wolverton station on its way to Euston station, London, came about following the change of a set of spark plugs in my car earlier in the day...and an infuriating lapse of memory.

In my eagerness to ensure that I had set the plug gaps to the correct size I decided to drive the 16 miles to Wolverton railway station, a station I've visited a number of times in the past, to test how the car was performing and do a spot of night photography while I was there.

Arriving at Wolverton station I opened the boot only to find that I had left behind a vital piece of equipment - my tripod!  

Now I was left with two options.  Drive back home and collect the tripod, or take my chances hand-holding the camera and hoping for the best.  

Well, the first option was totally out of the question as it would have meant a total driving mileage for the evening of around 64 miles. And it was only meant to be a quick trip!

So, it was the latter option or a complete waste of time and petrol.

After a couple of blurred, out of focus failures I managed to produce a small number of half decent hand-held photos, this one of electric multiple unitClass 350 250, probably being the best of the bunch.   

The moral of this little tale - if there is one - is, even if the odds are pretty much stacked against you have a go anyway.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

Oh yes! I nearly forgot.  The spark plugs worked fine.


Class 350250 electric multiple unit was built between 2008 and 2009 and is allocated to Northampton King's Heath Siemens Depot.

The unit coach numbers for this EMU are as follows: 61450  65250  67550  61550.


A few historical facts about Wolverton railway station:

  • The first station was built on the canal embankment above Wolverton Park and opened on the 17th Sept. 1838
  • In 1840 a newer, more permanent station was built close by.
  • The waiting room of the newer structure, which surprisingly had a full-time staff of 29, was lavishly redecorated for the visit of Queen Victoria in 1824.
  • In 1881 yet another station was constructed replacing all previous buildings.
  • The wooden station buildings built on the road bridge over the tracks stood for 100 years until British Rail demolished them in 1991.
  • A modern brick station building, close to the car park and platforms, was opened on the 21st June 2012.
  • Wolverton station has four platforms although only two are used for 'stopping' trains; the other two being reserved for fast 'through' expresses.


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