Sunday, 26 March 2017

Diesel Multiple Units at Leamington Spa

Diesel Multiple Unit Trains

Here is a small selection of Diesel Multiple Units operated by 'Cross Country', 'Chiltern Railways' and 'London Midland Trains', following a night photography session at Leamington Spa railway station towards the back end of 2016.

Night photo of an unidentified Cross Country 4-car DMU 220 010 standing in Leamington Spa railway station while operating a service to Southampton in 2016
Photo: Charles Moorhen

Cross Country Trains, Class 220010, 4-car DMU stands in Leamington spa station before continuing on to Southampton Central.

Night photo of Chiltern Railways Class 165 006 DMU stops at Leamington Spa railway station while en route to Banbury 2016
Photo: Charles Moorhen

Chiltern Railways, Class 165006 2-car DMU, about to leave heading for Banbury.

Night Photo of London Midland Trains Class 172 344 DMU in a bay platform at Leamington Spa railway station in 2016
Photo: Charles Moorhen 

Standing at platform 1 of Leamington Spa station, Class 172 DMU number 344, is stabled for the night awaiting its morning's work.

Night photo of Cross Country Trains Class 220 028 Pauses at Leamington Spa railways station while operating a service to Birmingham New Street 2016
Photo:  Charles Moorhen
Cross Country Trains, Class 220 , number 028, DMU about to continue on to Birmingham New Street.

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