Saturday, 20 January 2018

Class 317 327 EMU at Northampton 1980's

Class 317 327 Stands In Northampton Station

Class 317 327 EMU, in Network South East livery, stands at Northampton's Platform 2 in the 1980's on its way first to Rugby and then on to Birmingham New Street station.

This class of electric multiple unit replaced EMU Class 310.  The Class 317 was later to be superseded by EMU Class 321 operated by Silverlink Trains, and then by EMU Class 350 run by London Midland Trains. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

British Rail Shunter Class 08909 at Rugby 1988

Once a common sight pottering around Rugby station, Class 08909 diesel shunter, built between 1952 and 1962, in BR blue livery, similar in design to its sister Class 09, is seen parked up in one of the station's bay platforms at the eastern end in November 1988.

The condition of Rugby station roof is a sad testament to how derelict the station canopy had become before its refurbishment that was to come years later.

Class 08909 survived until 2011 when it was sent to C.F. Booth's for scrapping on the 10th August of that year.

A total of 996 examples of the Class 08 diesel were produced for British Railways.

EWS Locomotives Class 66086 and 66237 on Didcot Sidings

On my first ever trip to Didcot railway station in Oxfordshire, in 2004, I was fortunate to capture an image of these two EWS Class 66's stabled on the station's sidings - 66086 and 66237.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Monday, 18 September 2017

Class 67017 Arrow Diesel Locomotive at Leamington Spa

Photo of EWS Locomotive 'Arrow' standing in Leamington Spa railway station whilst hauling a Chiltern Railways passenger train.  These Class 67 locomotives were eventually replaced by the newer Class 68.

Class67017, seen here in EWS livery, hauling a Chiltern Railways train, was photographed at Leamington Spa station.

A number of diesel locomotives are giving nicknames by railway enthusiasts, one such example was the once popular, Class 50 locomotives known as "Hoovers", and the Class 67 is no exception; though I wasn't aware of this when I took the photo. 

It was much later that someone on a platform somewhere informed me that they were called 'skips'. I couldn't imagine why they were given that particular name until someone suggested that I imagine the locomotive upside down.

The old saying, “what's in a name”, certainly rang true in this instance.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Class 67s 'Royal Sovereign' and 'Diamond Jubilee' Locos Northampton

During the reconstruction of Northampton's railway station in 2014, I decided to take a trip there in June to see how things were progressing and if there was any traffic coming through that would be worth photographing.  

As it turned out it was well worth the time and energy consumed that afternoon.

In addition to the usual Class 350 EMU's, a number of Class 66's and Freightliner Class 70017, I was lucky to photograph a couple of Class 67 diesel locomotives; Royal Train locomotive Class 67006 'Royal Sovereign', and, Class 67026 'Diamond Jubilee', coupled together and running light.

A good 'cop' for me and a pleasant afternoon's spotting.

Royal Train Class 67006 Diesel Locomotive 'Royal Sovereign' Stands In Northampton Railway Station
Royal Train Loco Class 67006
Charles Moorhen

By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Plaque on the side of Class 67 locomotive 'Royal Sovereign'
'By Appointment' Plaque on 'Royal Sovereign' Side Panel
Charles Moorhen

Class 67026 Diesel Locomotive 'Diamond Jubilee' Stands in Northampton Railway Station
Class 67026 'Diamond Jubilee' Locomotive
Charles Moorhen

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Class 09018 D4106 Shunter Lives On at Bluebell Railway

Black and White Photo of Class 09018 Diesel Shunter Locomotive Stands On Sidings Close To Dover Marine Station in the 1990's
Class 09018 Shunter at Dover              Photo: Charles Moorhen

Diesel Electric Shunter Locomotive 0-6-0 Class 09018 - original number D4106 - one of a class of 26, photographed as the sun is about to set on sidings close to Dover Marine Station (now a cruise liner terminal).  

Little shunters such as this, a variant of the Class 08, were built between 1959 and 1962 at the British Railways' Darlington Works.

The locomotive above was used for general shunting duties in the Dover area during the years of Channel Tunnel Construction.

The angle of the photograph is a bit odd as I had to get between the 09 and another train which was directly behind me, thereby severely restricting how I used the camera. Nowadays, Health and Safety would have had a fit if they'd seen me getting this photograph.

Unlike many ex-British Railways locomotives, 09018 escaped the fate of the scrapyard cutting torch.  

After a number of years it was eventually purchased by the Harry Needle Railroad Company who, in 2012, sold it to the Bluebell Railway in Sussex where it now resides working on the heritage railway.

D4106 (09018) on sidings at the Bluebell Railway

Friday, 30 June 2017

Messerschmitt ME 109 Bullet Marks in Truro Station Footbridge

German Luftwaffe Messerschmitt ME 109 Bullet Marks in bridge panel of Truro railway station footbridge

                        Bullet indentations on exterior footbridge panel (Ringed in red)      Photo: Charles Moorhen

At around 7:30 on the evening of Thursday the 6th August 1942, Truro railway station, Cornwall, came under attack from a lone German Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter aircraft - better known as the Messerschmitt ME 109.

The physical results of this terrifying incident can still be seen in one of the east-facing side panels of the platform footbridge spanning the tracks where two bullets slammed against the bridge metal; one almost penetrating it.

Bullet indentations on interior of footbridge panel   Photo: Charles Moorhen

Truro Railway Station footbridge across platforms 1 and 2 containing World War Two German bullet marks

                              Bullet marks on panel just above platform roof gutter      

At the time of the attack the mail train from Penzance to London was standing in the station, and it is widely believed that it was the presence of the train which momentarily distracted the attention of the German pilot away from his main target - the city of Truro itself.

As the ME 109 flew on towards Truro, to join the raid which killed 14 people and resulted in the injury of another 100, it left behind two fatalities and a number of wounded.

Messerschmitt ME 109

Those who died were railway worker, Mr. P. Williams, 52, and postman, Mr. E. Pentecost, 41.


While on the subject of Cornish railways and WW2, it is worth noting that many children were evacuated by train to Cornwall at some point during the years of hostilities.

Here are two examples:

On Friday the 1st September 1939, 544 evacuee children and their teachers arrived at St. Austell station, Cornwall, on the 6:30 from Paddington, London, on Evacuation Train No.103.
On the 3rd September 1939 a train with the identification number 116 painted across the front of the engine boiler brought 230 children and mothers to Truro station from Acton, London, to be billetted in Truro and the surrounding area.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Class 450 108 Electric Multiple Unit At Brookwood Station

South West Trains Class 450 108 EMU stands in Brookwood railway station, Surrey, before continuing on to Waterloo station
Class 450 108 at Brookwood      Photo: Charles Moorhen

South West Trains Class 450 108 third-rail electric multiple unit, is seen at Brookwood station operating a stopping service to London Waterloo on the afternoon of Sunday the 29th June 2014.

Although it was a Sunday I saw a fair amount of EMU activity on the line - but no freight.  

It was my first trip to Brookwood station, although I passed through it many times as a boy in the 1950's behind a variety of steam locomotives on my way to Basingstoke.  

Apart from the absence of smoke-stained Southern Railway green paint, not to mention equally smoke-stained railway staff, it seemed as though it had hardly changed a bit.

Brookwood station features elsewhere on this blog under the title, Brookwood Cemetery Station and the London Necropolis Funeral Railway.  
The blog post makes for interesting reading if you are partial to a bit of unique railway history.

Variety of Trains at Basingstoke, 2013 Video - Includes Class 450 Footage

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Class 172 344 DEMU Train at Leamington Spa Station

Night Photo of London Midland Trains Class 172 344 DMU parked up for the night in a bay platform at Leamington Spa railway station in 2016
Class 172 344 Leamington Spa       Photo: Charles Moorhen

London Midland Trains Class 172 344 DEMU parked up for the night at bay platform 1, Leamington Spa station, on the 23rd August 2016.

An ideal warm summer's night for train photography.

Class 153 366 Diesel Multiple Unit Bletchley Sidings 2015

Photo of London Midland City Train Class 153 366 DMU stands on Bletchley station sidings in 2015
Class 153 366 DMU, Bletchley          Photo: Charles Moorhen

London Midland Trains one-car Class 153 366 diesel multiple unit photographed on the carriage sidings at Bletchley in 2015.

It was hit and miss as to whether I would be able to get this shot at all.  The sun had almost set when I spotted the dmu as I drove past the sidings.  Added to that I needed to weave between trees while stumbling through a mass of undergrowth strewn with brambles.

Although not my best railway photo by a long chalk, I did at least manage a half decent record of Class 153 366 which I hadn't seen before.

The rail franchise run by London Midland Trains has, from the 10th December 2017, been taken over by West Midlands Trains part-owned owned by Abellio.

Other Class 153 DMU Photos: 
 London Midland Class 153 364 DMU Night Photo at Bedford

Monday, 26 June 2017

GWR Class 153 370 DEMU Super Sprinter at Truro

Photo of Great Western Railway Class 153 370 DMU Super Sprinter enters Truro railway station, Cornwall, 2017
Class 153 370 DEMU              Photo: Charles Moorhen

Class 153 370 Super Sprinter DEMU, based on a Leyland bus chassis, in GWR green livery, enters Truro railway station, Cornwall, operating a late afternoon service in mid-June 2017.

A 'grab-shot' that very nearly didn't happen!

Other Class 153 DMU's:
Class 153 366 DMU at Bletchley 2015
London Midland Class 153 364 DMU Night Photo at Bedford

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Eurostar Trains At Ashford International 2013

Black and white photo of Eurostar Train 3001 at Ashford International Station in 2013
Eurostar Train 3001             Photo: Charles Moorhen

Close up black and white photo of Eurostar train 3230 at Ashford International Station in 2013
Eurostar Train 3230                Photo: Charles Moorhen

Two Eurostar trains, 3001 and 3230, pause at Ashford International Station before proceeding east to the Channel on the afternoon of the 9th June 2013.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

HNRail Class 20311 Pauses at Banbury Station 11/4/17 - Plus Loco DMEU Video

Night Photo of HN Rail Class 20311 Diesel Locomotive standing at Banbury railway station while on a service delivering new London Underground rolling stock
Photo: Charles Moorhen

HNRail Class 20311 locomotive, at the rear of a train delivering new London Underground rolling stock, pauses a while at Banbury on the evening of the 11th April 2017.  

Other locomotives used in the train were Class 20107, 20096 and 20314.

The train to the far right of the picture is Chiltern Railways DEMU Class 165 015 about to leave with a service to Marylebone station, London.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Three Class 45 'Peak' Locomotives at Whitemoor Yard 1980's

Evening photo of three Class 45 'Peak' diesel locomotives on Whitemoor Yard sidings in the 1980's awaiting disposal
Photo: Charles Moorhen

Three unidentified 'Peak' diesel locomotives, in the twilight of their lives, stabled on sidings at Whitemoor Yard, March, Cambridgeshire, in the late 1980's.

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Class 317 327 EMU at Northampton 1980's

Class 317 327 Stands In Northampton Station Class 317 327 EMU, in Network South East livery, stands at Northampton's Platform 2 i...