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Class 222015 DEMU Train Approaching Wellingborough Station

Class 222 DEMU Trains

Photo of East Midland Trains Class 222 015 DMU enters Wellingborough railway station during a service to Sheffield
Class 222015 DEMU Entering Wellingborough Station           Photo: Charles Moorhen

In the summer of 2014 I visited Wellingborough railway station on the Midland Mainline to photograph the Grade II listed former Midland Railway goods shed situated at the 'London' end of platform one; something I had been meaning to do for a number of years.

Although the weather was slightly overcast I did manage to record enough images of the old building to make the trip worthwhile. (The results can be seen in a 'Along These Tracks' blog post by clicking here).

In addition to photographing this surprisingly well-preserved example of railway architecture, I also fired off a few frames of DEMU's, locomotives and Intercity 125 Class 43's that came and went throughout my time at the station.

Noting that the available light was deteriorating as the day wore on, I reluctantly made the decision to pack up and go home.
However, as quickly as I had made that decision I reversed it.

I was at the furthest point I could be at the southern end of platform one when the sound of a diesel engine attracted my attention. The noise came from an approaching East Midlands Trains Class 222 DEMU.

It was obvious from its speed that it was a stopping service, but, even so, the distance between train and station was shortening rapidly.

Would it be worthwhile going for the shot I thought as I instinctively grabbed the camera from its bag? Class 222015 - one of a fleet of 27 trains sets - was by now making an impressive attempt at completely filling the frame by this time.

Acutely aware that the dmu was bearing down on me, I hastily checked the exposure, framed the shot, hit the shutter button – all in one panicky movement - and prayed as I was aware a second later of the air turbulence as 222015 swept by me.
Had I been too late? Would this shot become yet another victim of my camera delete button?

Fortunately, this time, there was no need for the dreaded delete button. As I examined the picture on the rear screen I saw that I had captured the only decent image of a train that day!

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