Friday, 29 January 2016

North Dorset Railway Acquires 'Yankee' Steam Locomotives

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Yankee Locomotive 30075

Isn't always the way?  You wait ages for a steam locomotive, then two come along at once!

This month two Yankee steam locomotives, owned by a locomotive group called 'Project 62', have arrived at the home of the North Dorset Railway Trust, Shillingstone, Dorset.

Displaying the numbers 30075 and 30076, both 46-ton locomotives, known as 'Yankee's', were so called as they are a pattern build of the World War II USATC S100 Class 0-6-0T Switcher/Shunters designed by Colonel Howard G Hill. 

Built in former Yugoslavia 30076 was constructed in 1954, with 30075 being built six years later in 1960.

Many of these Yankee tank locomotives saw service in the UK - including 14 on the Southern Railway plus a number in industrial service with Austin Motors/BMC at Longbridge, the NCB in the North East and on the Longmoor Military Railway.

The locomotives, which both require extensive mechanical work, have arrived at Shillingstone in time to be displayed for the 50th anniversary marking the closure of the Somerset and Dorset Railway on the 7th March 1966.

The North Dorset Railway Trust said: "New members and volunteers to work on the locomotives and at Shillingstone station are always welcome."

If anyone is interested in being a part owner of a steam locomotive, shares are available in both locomotives and details can be found on Project 62’s website at

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