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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Wellingborough Railway Station Photos

Wellingborough Railway Station at Night

Night Photo of The Illuminated entrance to the former Wellingborough Midland Railway Station
Wellingborough Railway Station - Night Photo    Photo: Charles Moorhen

Grade II listed Wellingborough Wellingborough railway station on the Midland Main Line, and built by the former Midland Railway, is situated approximately one mile from Wellingborough town centre in Northamptonshire.

Night Photo showing deserted platforms 1 and 2 of former Midland Railway Wellingborough railway station
Wellingborough Station Platforms 1 and 2 - Night Photo   Photo: Charles Moorhen

Designed by architect, C.H.Driver, who was also responsible for the Sao Paulo railway station opened in 1867 in Brazil, Wellingborough railway station was opened in 1857 as a main line station - London St. Pancras is only 65 miles away - and for the branch line to nearby Higham Ferrers.

Known at the time of opening as Wellingborough Midland Road, the station originally boasted five platforms which, over the decades, has been reduced to three.  Two are used by the travelling public while the other borders a freight-only line.  

Platform five exists in situ but is weed-strewn and overgrown and all but one of its buildings have been demolished. Their is no public access to this platform.

Diesel Locomotive Class 66005 waits for green light as it stands on Wellingborough Station's freight line 2016
EWS Class  66005 on Wellingborough Station Freight Only Line      Photo: Charles Moorhen

By the time that Wellingborough Midland Road had opened, another station, Wellingborough London Road, operated by the London & North Western Railway, was already in use.
It had opened in 1845 and closed completely in 1966.  Sadly, nothing remains of the London Road station.  It was completely obliterated by road improvements to the nearby A45.
One of Wellingborough railway station's original leaded windows
Wellingborough Station Goods Shed Diamond-Shaped Lattice Window   Photo: Charles Moorhen

One solitary passenger waits for a train oblivious to the beauty of the iron filigree metal work in this late night photo of Wellingborough station
Ridge and Furrow platform canopy and filigree metal work on Platform 1 (upper left)      Photo: Charles Moorhen

Wellingborough Midland Road and nearby Kettering were the first two Midland Railway stations to display their impressive ridge-and-furrow metal and glass platform canopies and finely crafted filigree metalwork.

Also on platform one, at the 'London' end so to speak, stands a small Grade II listed goods shed that has survived for well over a century displaying its original lattice windows - an architectural signature of the Midland Railway.

The interior of the small building still retains a wooden-plank loading platform and two manually operated cranes once employed for the loading and unloading of open-top waggons.

(A more descriptive blog post, with photos of the shed interior and cranes, can be seen by clicking wellingborough goods shed still survives).

A late evening service to London pauses at Wellingborough station headed by Intercity 125 unit Class 43006
East Midlands Trains  Class 43096 at Wellingborough Station  Photo: Charles Moorhen

On the 2nd of September 1898, around 8.22 pm , Wellingborough Midland Road railway station became a scene of carnage and tragedy.

A railway porter's trolley being used for the transportation of mail bags ran out of control, rolled off the platform and ended up on the railway tracks minutes before an express train was due to pass through.

Despite desperate attempts by station staff to remove the trolley from the path of the oncoming train, time ran out.  The express collided with it at speed.
The crew of the derailed steam locomotive were killed as were five passengers when the coach they were travelling in disintegrated.  

In all 65 people were also injured.

Night Photo of Wellingborough Station Platform 1 in black and white
Wellingborough Station Platform 1 - Night Photo            Photo: Charles Moorhen

During 2005, Wellingborough station briefly basked in the glare of the movie spotlight when it featured in the film, Kinky Boots; temporarily renamed 'Northampton' for the location footage.
A British comedy-drama, the film was based on the true story of a family-run shoe factory, W.J.Brooks Ltd., of Earls Barton, Northamptonshire.

Night Photo of East Midlands Trains Class 222 002 at Wellingborough Railway Station
Class 222002 waits at Platform 1.  Night Photo:       Photo Charles Moorhen

At time of writing (2017), East Midlands Trains operate train services at the station, and during the years, 2015/16, 0.969 million passengers have used Wellingborough railway station.

Photo: Charles Moorhen

     Commemorative plaque attached to the front wall of Wellingborough railway station.

Black and white night photo taken in late evening of platform 1 and main station building
Wellingborough Railway Station Platform 1 - Night Photo      Photo: Charles Moorhen

Wellingborough Station Platform Sign - Night Photo  Photo: Charles Moorhen

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