Friday, 14 April 2017

Class 66013 and 66502 Locomotives at Rugby 2016

Class 66 Locomotives at Night

Night Photo of EWS liveried Class 66013 stops at Rugby station during a rain shower in 2016
EWS Class 66013       Photo: Charles Moorhen

Photographing a Class 66 diesel locomotive, or any other class for that matter, alongside a platform at Rugby railway station at night has, since the glory days of loco-hauled passenger trains of the 1980's/90's, has always been out of reach for me.

At least that was the position prior to the 25th August 2016 when everything changed.

I was visiting Rugby station on that day photographing the station buildings on a windy, rainy night.

At one point during the evening I was sheltering beneath the platform canopy waiting while a shower of rain to pass by before venturing out into the open once more.

Glancing towards the southern end of the platform I saw Class 66013 diesel locomotive coming slowly into the station, stopping about 25 yards from where I was standing; my camera on its tripod stood close by and ready for action.

As I jotted down the number I noticed someone jump from the cab and walk towards one of the nearby station buildings.  Was it the driver?

I didn't wait to find out.  Grabbing camera and tripod I ran as fast as was safely possible towards the EWS liveried locomotive.  At the instant the tripod feet settled on the platform surface I saw a man - the driver or new driver? - leaving the same building.  Would I have time to grab a shot?

Knowing I would need around twenty seconds exposure for a photograph I framed, focused as fast as I could, prayed, and hit the shutter button.

The seconds crawled by and I willed them to move quicker towards the magic 20 seconds.  I was certain that Class 66013 would begin to move before the time was up.

Finally exposure time was up and the shutter closed with a satisfying click.  I'd done it!

But this was not the end of capturing a diesel locomotive on my camera that night.

Night photo of Freightliner diesel locomotive Class 66502 standing in Rugby railway station in 2016
Freightliner Locomotive Class 66502         Photo: Charles Moorhen

A short while later, after photographing Virgin Trains Class 390 128, I was amazed to be going through the whole nerve-shredding process again.  I could hardly believe my luck.

The second time the diesel locomotive in question was Freightliner liveried Class 66502 'Basford Hall Centenary 2001'.

As I headed home that night, damp and happy, a random thought kept running through my mind - 'photograph one, get one free!'.

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