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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Class 20's Delivering New London Underground Stock

Night Photo of Class 20314 diesel locomotive in HN Rail livery pauses at Banbury railway station while operating a London Underground rolling stock service
HNRail Class 20314 at Banbury Station            Photo: Charles Moorhen
Class 20 Diesel Locomotives at Night, Banbury

Night photo of Class 20107 and 20096 diesel locomotives in British Rail livery heading a London Underground rolling stock train at Banbury 2017
Class 20107 and Class 20096 heading London Underground rolling stock, Banbury     Photo: Charles Moorhen

London Underground Train Takes The Night Air

Late evening, on the 11th April 2017, a Derby to London train of new London Underground rolling stock paused for around forty-five minutes at Banbury railway station.

Motive power for the train were four classic Class 20 diesel locomotives.  Heading the train were Class 20107, built in December 1961, and Class 20096 built in October 1961, both in BR standard livery.

At the rear of the train, in Harry Needle Railroad Company livery, were Class 20314, built in February 1962, and Class 20311, built in December 1961.

Night photograph of HNRail Class 20311 pauses at Banbury station whilst transporting new London Underground coaching stock.
Class 20311 standing next to Chiltern Railways DMU 165 015, Banbury     Photo: Charles Moorhen

The new London Underground stock, sandwiched between the four ageing diesel locomotives, built by Bombardier in Derby, have air-conditioning, more space, improved accessibility and better customer information systems.

The trains have an increased passenger capacity of up to 25%, compared with their predecessors, while providing enhanced comfort.

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